Higher Biology

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Guide to sums (.pdf, 3.85Mb)


Assignments (.zip, 113Kb)

Fill - in sheets (.zip, 7.45Mb)

Homework (.zip, 1.01Mb)

Lessons and PowerPoints
1. Differentiation and Stem Cells (.zip, 64.04Mb)
2. Structure and function of DNA (.zip, 59.91Mb)
3. Cell Metabolism (.zip, 55.46Mb)

Phosphatase (.zip, 3.20Mb)
Protein Electrophoresis (.zip, 8.17Mb)

Presentation with notes
HGS notes matching presentations (.zip, 11.48Mb)
Presentations matching notes (.zip, 30.18Mb)

pupil web-based course (.zip, 13.55Mb)

Handouts - in a nutshell (.zip, 1.42Mb)
I am you are (.zip, 78Kb)
Pupil outcome list (.docx, 50Kb)
Revision PowerPoints (.pptx, 923Kb)
Traffic Light (.docx, 19Kb)
What you should know (.zip, 38Kb)

Summary notes (.zip, 818Kb)


Fill - in sheets (.zip, < 1Kb)

Homework (.zip, 5.55Mb)

I am you are (.docx, 13Kb)
Revision PowerPoints (.zip, < 1Kb)
Traffic Light (.zip, < 1Kb)

Summary notes (.zip, 6.08Mb)

Unit 2 Current Lessons 18 Aug 14
Alternative Unit 2 Diagrams (.zip, 8.33Mb)
Alternative Unit 2 power points (.zip, 15.42Mb)
lesson 1 reproductive organs (.zip, 1.40Mb)
lesson 2 hormonal control of reproduction (.zip, 310Kb)
lesson 3 menstrual cycle (.zip, 213Kb)
lesson 4 fertilisation and fertility (.ppt, 119Kb)
Lesson 5 fertility control (.pptx, 83Kb)
Lesson 6 treatments for infertility (.pptx, 90Kb)
Lesson 7 IVF (.pptx, 151Kb)
lesson 8 contraception (.pptx, 117Kb)
Lesson 9 ante natal screening (.pptx, 34Kb)
lesson 10 utrasoung imaging (.pptx, 126Kb)
lesson 11 biochemical tests (.pptx, 56Kb)
lesson 12 diagnostic testing (.zip, 176Kb)
lesson 13 rhesus antibody testing (.pptx, 36Kb)
lesson 14 post natal screening (.pptx, 51Kb)
lesson 15 genetic screening and conselling (.zip, 212Kb)
lesson 16 post natal screening (.pptx, 40Kb)
lesson 17 probability of condition (.ppt, 256Kb)
lesson 18 probability of sex linked conditions (.zip, 177Kb)
lesson 19 cardiovascular system (.pptx, 553Kb)
lesson 20 arteries and veins (.pptx, 846Kb)
lesson 21 capillaries and exchange (.pptx, 142Kb)
lesson 22 lymphatic system disorders (.pptx, 61Kb)
lesson 23 structure and function of the heart (.pptx, 59Kb)
lesson 24 cardiac cycle (.pptx, 269Kb)
lesson 25 cardiac conducting system (.pptx, 214Kb)
lesson 26 cardiovascular disease (.pptx, 91Kb)
lesson 27 cholesterol and CVD (.pptx, 59Kb)
lesson 28 blood glucose and CVD (.pptx, 63Kb)


HGS notes matching presentations (.zip, 3.81Mb)

Unit 3 - Homework (.zip, 17.39Mb)

Lessons and PowerPoints
1 - Divisions of the NS (.zip, 46.79Mb)
2 - Perception & memory (.zip, 3.24Mb)
3-Cells of the NS & neurotransmitters (.zip, 2.83Mb)
4-Neurobiology and Communication (.zip, 2.50Mb)

Dopa (.zip, 1.51Mb)
Fingermaze (.zip, 455Kb)
Muller-Lyer (.zip, 7.01Mb)
Perception_2014_KA (.zip, 163.80Mb)

Traffic Light (.zip, 34Kb)

Summary notes (.zip, 1.01Mb)

Wider reading (.zip, 46Kb)


Homework (.zip, 2.77Mb)

June introduction - 2014
6&7 - Pathogens (.doc, 65Kb)
8 - Vaccines (.zip, 193Kb)
9 - Herd Immunity (.zip, 30Kb)
Lessons 10&11 - Epidemiology (.zip, 20.39Mb)
Supporting articles (.zip, 102Kb)

Lessons and PowerPoints
Lesson 1 - non-specific defences (.zip, 2.53Mb)
Lesson 2 - specific (.zip, 832Kb)
Lesson 3 - TRansmission and control (.pptx, 1.05Mb)
Lesson 4 - Active immunisation and vaccination (.zip, 1.01Mb)
Other resources archive - HGS (.zip, 4.72Mb)

I am you are (.zip, < 1Kb)
Revision PowerPoints (.zip, < 1Kb)
Traffic Light (.docx, 14Kb)

Summary notes
Unit 4 - Notes for presentations (.zip, 169Kb)

Wider Reading (.docx, 169Kb)